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Buy a company in Germany on is:

  • Selection of a suitable ready-made company (GmbH – Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung – limited liability company).
  • Get favorable terms from the owner.
  • Direct contact with the owners of ready-made companies in Germany.
  • Legal support of the company’s purchase and sale.

Apply and get professional advice and offers to buy a company in Germany.

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    Quickly and conveniently buy a ready-made company in Germany.

    If you want to buy a company in Germany, it is best to choose a classic company GmbH – Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung – a limited liability company. The German company GmbH (as our LLC) guarantees reliability and security in business life and enjoys high recognition abroad. If you want to buy an existing company in Germany, our partners have all the founding documents in German and English. Thus, with the help of the service, you will find a ready-made company in Germany for you or your clients.

    Buying a ready-made company (GmbH) in Germany: Your business benefits.

    Buying a company (GmbH) has a number of advantages compared to sole traders in Germany and GbR:

    • Your personal assets are protected by the statutory limitation of liability.
    • A low corporate tax rate gives you tax advantages.
    • The GmbH is a merchant by virtue of its organizational and legal form and has its own legal personality.
    • You have the option of including third parties on the board, advisory board or supervisory board.
    • Various company pension plan options for the managing director.
    • Possibility of paid work in your own GmbH.
    • The managing director’s salary is offset as a deductible operating expense.
    • Wide recognition from banks, suppliers and customers in Germany and the European Union.
    • Extremely high legal certainty.

    Buying a GmbH to save time and avoid stress.

    If you want to buy a limited liability company in Germany, you can do it within a day. All start-up costs are included in the price of the company and thus paid. The lengthy and bureaucratic founding formalities have already been taken care of for you. If you want to buy a company (GmbH) in Germany with the help of our legal partners, then you are buying a company whose entry in the commercial register and IHK approval has already taken place, which is free from any obligations and was previously economically inactive.

    Liability risk when buying a ready-made company in Germany (GmbH).

    The share capital of shelf companies is already fully paid into the linked account at the time of purchase or takeover. Accordingly, if you wish to purchase a GmbH, the risk of your personal liability is extremely low.

    In established companies (GmbH) it is also possible to achieve a legal distribution of assets immediately.

    Buy a limited liability company in Germany with a tax number.

    For all inventory legal entities, a German tax number is requested from the relevant tax authority when establishing and registering a company. Thus, the German tax number is already available at the time of the sale of the company and can be used immediately, otherwise the tax number will be sent to you immediately after it is assigned. If you change your registered office, the responsible tax office and therefore the German tax number will usually change again.

    The taxpayer identification number is assigned only to economically active companies. In the case of a ready-made company, this is excluded until the moment of sale. Your tax advisor requests a signal to activate the VAT ID. If you buy a limited liability company from our partners, you can directly, easily and without bureaucratic delays approach your entrepreneurial goals. Buying a company in Germany (GmbH) with a tax number not only saves you time, but also reduces the risk of liability associated with your own incorporation process.

    Buy a ready-made company in Germany (GmbH) with your own bank account.

    All law firms and lawyers listed on the portal are German pre-established company specialists and not only offer you the option of buying a registered limited liability company, but also provide you with an appropriate bank account. If you decide to buy a limited liability company, you will receive all the necessary forms for legitimation and acceptance of a business account in the company folder at the notary. After successful legitimation, you can use the new business account, including the already deposited capital of 25,000 euros.

    Please note that the KYC (know your customer) legitimation process by the bank may take several business days. If it is necessary to verify a foreign connection or holding structures, legitimation may take longer. The bank checks all customers and, nevertheless, may refuse buyers in individual cases.

    The takeover of the GmbH usually takes place within 24 hours of the order being placed. With optimal preparation by our legal partners, you can buy a limited liability company in the morning and take it over on the same day.

    By purchasing a GmbH from our partners, you save yourself from unnecessary formalities and can immediately start your business without wasting time on bureaucratic procedures.

    Appointment of a notary and the purchase price of the GmbH.

    All constituent documents and sample documents for purchase and assignment in German and English will be sent to the notary’s appointment with the notary. If you decide to buy a company in Germany (GmbH) from our partners, the purchase price already covers all costs for creation, setup and administration. The buyer additionally pays only notary and court costs.

    Once the receipt of payment of the purchase price of your company (GmbH) has been confirmed, and the notarization of the purchase and assignment, as well as the registration of changes in the commercial register, have been performed by a notary, you or a person appointed by you can immediately and completely take over the start-up and management of the business in Germany.

    10 reasons to buy a company in Germany from our partners.

    01 | Start with a ready-made company in 24 hours.

    A ready-made company can be re-registered to you within 24 hours. With data, a meeting with a notary and a lightning-fast translation, the purchase can be made within a few hours on the same day. There is no waiting and you can get your own GmbH quickly and safely.

    02 | Your ready-made company in Germany can act immediately.

    You acquire a ready-made company with registration in the commercial register. A ready-made company has already been established, entered in the commercial register and has a valid number in the commercial register. When you buy a company, you accept this number in the commercial register, and with the change of registration in the commercial register, you can act immediately.

    03 | Ready-made companies that can be used flexibly.

    All ready-made companies are created with the content “management of their own assets”, and the notary can make changes to the name of the company, legal address and purpose of the acquired company individually in accordance with your wishes. Choose a notary of your choice in Germany to notarize the sales contract. Thus, the purchase of a GmbH can be confirmed within a few hours. All necessary documents will be sent to you or the notary by courier.

    04 | Ready-made company, includes a bank account.

    By purchasing a ready-made company from our partners, you will receive a bank account free of charge when purchasing a GmbH. The entire share capital is fully paid into a bank account and is immediately available to you. Use the account number directly for your clerical needs and immediate payment transactions. If you do not need a bank account, you can immediately deposit the share capital to a newly opened company account by means of a warrant check, as well as immediately access the share capital.

    05 | The best value for money is from ready-made companies on

    A ready-made company costs money, but by buying an already established company, you not only save time and nerves, but also unnecessary running around and hassle with government agencies. The purchase price of a ready-made company includes not only the capital contribution (GmbH €25,000.00), but also all set-up costs and legal costs for entry in the commercial register. Postal and courier services are also included in the cost of a ready-made company in Germany.

    06 | Security of all documentation of your ready-made company are included.

    With the new company, you will receive a complete package of documents, such as a certificate of incorporation, a power of attorney and a notice of entry in the commercial register. In addition, you will, of course, receive all documents relating to the bank account, standard sales contracts for GmbH and a questionnaire. When you buy a ready-made company in Germany, all initial expenses are already paid.

    07 | Shelf companies with full cost control.

    Advice and service when buying a ready-made company and no hidden costs when buying a company. When you buy a ready-made company, you buy comprehensive legal support. The purchase price already includes notary fees for the establishment, as well as legal costs for making an entry in the commercial register and bank fees at the expense of the company. You will not incur any additional costs and save additional time spent on visits to government agencies and official meetings. You will only pay the notary fees for the purchase and assignment, as well as the court costs for amending the Commercial Register.

    08 | Free reservation of a ready-made company.

    You can reserve a ready-made company in Germany, with any of our partners, free of charge and without obligation for 3 days. We book your ready-made company upon request and are happy to give you time to calmly plan all the necessary steps. On the relevant booking request, you will automatically receive all up-to-date information about the ready-made company by e-mail, and then you can fill out the purchase and transfer form and send it back to us. However, if the purchase of a ready-made company needs to be done quickly, we will be happy to help you prepare the purchase process and resolve special requests and questions!

    09 | Quick checkout for GmbH as a shelf company.

    Stay flexible when paying for your shelf company in Germany, because the purchase price of the GmbH can be paid either by bank transfer, deposit or cash. Our ready-made companies can be quickly paid by any method that suits you.

    10 | Bonuses and offers in ready-made companies.

    New customers buy companies in Germany (GmbH) with our help at a particularly low price, and regular customers receive special discounts because we save processing time and cash.

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    * – by submitting a request on, it will be received by all verified owners of companies in Germany who have subscribed to this category of services, so you can get the most information from different owners and choose the best conditions.