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    Registration of investment funds in Ukraine. CIF, mutual funds.

    Investments in Ukraine are becoming increasingly popular. More and more individuals and legal entities are seeking to increase their funds and are willing to entrust them to management. In this regard, the investment fund registration service has become popular. There are two types in Ukraine: corporate investment funds (CIFs) and mutual funds (mutual funds). The procedure for their establishment and operation has its own characteristics, so it is better to entrust it to professionals.

    Finding a company that offers CIF registration or mutual fund registration is not easy. The website will help you with this. Using our service you will find specialists who will help open an investment fund. With, you will find a company that will provide the necessary services at the best prices and with all the necessary additional services.

    What you need to know about CIF registration?

    A Corporate Investment Fund (CIF) is a legal entity that manages the assets of investors. CIF is registered as a joint stock company. It is important to know that investment funds of this type do not meet the obligations of participants. Liability is limited only within the corporate fund.

    A number of safeguards are applied to participants in such funds. In particular, they cannot apply sanctions in case of illegal actions of the investment fund or other participants. Exceptions are those funds that include more than 10% of the bank’s shares or more than 50% of legal entities’ shares. In this case, sanctions may be applied within the framework of the legislation governing the activities of banks.

    What can a CIF do and what is forbidden?

    Before conducting a CIF registration procedure, it is important to know what such an organization can and cannot do. After the creation of the investment fund, he manages the assets in accordance with the memorandum of association. Only a special person – the custodian – can keep the participants’ funds. It is appointed during the registration of the investment fund.

    It is also important to know that after registration, the CIF enters into an agreement with an asset management company (AMC). AMC directly manages clients’ assets.

    The activities of corporate investment funds are carried out within the framework of the memorandum of association, but there are some restrictions. It is also important to know before opening an investment fund. The main limitations are:

    • It is possible to issue only KIF shares, other securities cannot be issued.
    • Providing collateral to third parties is prohibited.
    • Shares may be placed at a price not lower than the value of assets under the management of the CIF per 1 share.
    • All shares must be redeemed, the CIF cannot refuse this (exceptions are provided by law).
    • Create additional funds.

    In addition, CIFs are prohibited from providing loans. The only exceptions are venture funds, they are allowed to do so.

    What does the CIF registration procedure look like?

    Before starting the procedure of registering an investment fund in the form of a CIF, it is important to know who can be the founder. CIF can be founded by both individuals and legal entities. However, there is an important requirement for legal entities: the share of state ownership in the founding company cannot exceed 25%.

    Registering an investment fund is a long and difficult process. It is best to entrust it to professionals. We will briefly tell you what steps you need to go through to successfully register a CIF:

    • Submission of application and package of documents to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC).
    • Registration of the issue of shares.
    • Providing an international identification number when issuing shares.
    • Concluding agreements with the depositary, custodian and AMC.
    • Payment of the share price by all participants.

    Registration of CIF from scratch takes from 4 months, and if you do it yourself, the process can take longer. Therefore, it is better to entrust the procedure to expert companies immediately.

    What you need to know about the registration of mutual funds?

    Registration of an investment fund in the form of a mutual fund has a number of differences from a mutual fund. First of all, a mutual investment fund is not even a company, it is just a set of assets that are under management. After the mutual fund is registered, all assets are transferred to the asset management company (AMC). Such investment funds that are unable to conduct any business activities, and are not even legal entities.

    The legislation sets a minimum threshold for the registration of a mutual investment fund. Before opening a mutual fund, it is necessary to form a capital of 1250 minimum wages. The amount is set at the time of the official establishment of the investment fund.

    What you need to know about mutual funds?

    A mutual fund is managed by qualified investors who can invest in various assets. Two different people are involved in the management and accounting of funds. Managed by AMC and kept by the depositary. This division makes the work of the mutual fund more efficient.

    It is also important to know that a mutual investment fund allows you to make a profit without paying taxes. Investors are exempt from paying taxes on investment certificates. However, if you are selling an investment certificate, you must pay income tax. The activities of mutual funds are strictly regulated, which protects investors from the risks of fraud.

    How to register a mutual fund?

    Only AMC can create an investment fund in the form of a mutual fund. Individuals cannot do this. Therefore, before starting the mutual fund registration procedure, it is necessary to open an AMC. The company that creates the investment fund manages its assets. This is a key legal requirement, so before opening an investment fund, you must first establish an AMC.

    If the AMC is already open, you can proceed directly to the mutual fund registration procedure. It is also quite complex, and it is also better to entrust this work to specialists to avoid mistakes and waste time. The procedure looks like this:

    • Decision-making by AMC leaders on the establishment of an investment fund.
    • Preparation of mutual fund regulations.
    • Submission of documents to the NSSMC, where the mutual fund is registered directly.
    • Concluding contracts with the underwriter, custodian and depositary.
    • Approval of the investment certificate issue prospectus.
    • Registration of investment certificates and assignment of an international identification number. will help you find a reliable partner for registering an investment fund. It does not matter whether you plan to register a mutual fund or a mutual fund, through you will find the best companies that offer such services.

    It is very easy to find a company that provides mutual fund and CIF registration services. Just enter a query in the search bar. You get results in less than a second. analyzes all the companies that match your query, and you can choose the one that meets all your requirements. makes finding legal services as fast and easy as possible.

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