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Sale of factoring companies

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    Sale of factoring companies.

    Financial companies provide owners with ample opportunities to do business. Services of this kind have always been and will be in demand. This includes factoring companies. Such organizations specialize in collecting funds from customers who work on the basis of deferred payment.

    Factoring is a profitable business, but clients often have difficulty registering a legal entity. To avoid them, it is better to buy a ready-made factoring company. This solution will save you a lot of time. The sale of factoring companies in Ukraine is legal, and anyone can buy it. At Poshuk.info you can find the best offers and buy a registered legal entity with or without a work history.

    Features of factoring.

    Factoring is a service that is gaining popularity in Ukraine. Its essence is to finance the monetary claim under the assignment of the right to receive payment. In fact, the factoring company acts as an intermediary (in this case, it is considered a “factor”).

    A deferred payment company applies to a factoring organization that pays the seller. After that, the buyer must pay the factoring company in a timely manner. Earnings of such organizations are provided by the commission for services.

    Factoring is very popular because it benefits all parties to the agreement:

    • The seller immediately receives payment for the goods, has the opportunity to increase sales, to prevent cash gaps.
    • The buyer receives his goods, but has the opportunity to pay for the goods after their sale. Thus, it is possible to achieve optimal working capital.
    • The factor acts as an intermediary in the agreement, receives a commission for services. The larger the amount of funding, the greater the commission.

    The buyer of the goods is obliged to pay for the services not to the seller, but directly to the factor. In case of non-fulfillment of obligations by the buyer, the factor has the right to collect funds in court. If the buyer is unable to meet its obligations, the factoring company has the right to initiate bankruptcy proceedings and recover funds from the sale of the debtor’s property.

    Why is it better to buy a factoring company?

    If you want to start a factoring business, you have two options – buy a factoring company or register it yourself. However, the procedure for registering such companies is quite long and complicated.

    First of all, it is necessary to register a legal entity and enter information about it in the USREOU. At this stage, the founders may have problems with incorrect paperwork, and therefore the procedure may be delayed. However, the main difficulty is the need for licensing. Factoring company can operate only on the basis of a license from the NBU (previously the document was issued by Natskomfinposlug). Obtaining a financial permit is a very complex procedure where a number of requirements must be met. The sale of factoring companies will help to avoid all these problems.

    If you plan to do factoring, it is much easier to buy a ready-made organization than to register it from scratch. This solution has several important advantages:

    • Save time. Registration of a legal entity and obtaining a license from the NBU can take several months, and in the case of claims from regulatory authorities, the procedure may take up to a year. Factoring companies are sold in just 1-2 days.
    • Opportunity to buy a factoring company with or without a history. Customers have the opportunity to acquire companies that have already conducted financial activities and have a certain reputation or organizations that will keep a financial history “from scratch”.
    • It is easier to buy a factoring company. You do not have to spend energy and energy on trips to regulatory authorities, to prepare the necessary documents, etc. Thanks to the sale of factoring companies, you will not face failures.

    The main advantage of this solution is that you will be able to conduct financial activities the day after the completion of paperwork. You will immediately be able to provide all the necessary services to customers. This is especially important if you already have legal entities or entrepreneurs interested in factoring services.

    Is the sale of factoring companies legal?

    Another important question is whether the sale of factoring companies is a legal transaction. The answer is yes, it is perfectly legal. The sale of factoring organizations is subject to the same requirements as the sale of other types of legal entities. This way you can buy the organization and re-register it in just 1-2 days, and then start operating legally.

    However, before you buy a factoring company, you need to check it. In particular, it is necessary to make sure that the legal entity has no debts. If there are debts, the obligation to pay them will pass to the new owner. You also need to make sure that the license to conduct financial activities is valid and there is no need to extend it.

    On the Poshuk.info website you can find companies that specialize in selling factoring organizations in Kiev and Ukraine. To find an organization that interests you, just enter your query in the search bar. After that, Poshuk.info will give you a list of law firms that offer factoring companies. Also, with the help of Poshuk.info. you can find organizations that specialize in selling businesses with and without a history. Poshuk.info presents only proven sellers with a good reputation.

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    * – by submitting a request on Poshuk.info, it will be received by all verified owners of factoring companies who have subscribed to this category of services, so you can get the most information from different owners and choose the best conditions.