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    Registration of LLC’s / firms / companies / enterprises in Kyiv and across Ukraine.

    In order to start a legal business in Ukraine, you must first register. If you are planning a small business, you can open a sole proprietorship, but this form of registration implies a lot of restrictions, so in case of expansion you will still have to go through the procedure of registration of LLC. If you have to be a VAT payer during the case, you can only work as a company. FOP cannot acquire such status.

    Registering a business as a company is quite a challenge. There are many nuances to consider. In case of non-compliance of the documents with the requirements of the registrar, your application will be left without consideration or will be denied registration with the requirement to eliminate the shortcomings. To avoid problems, you should entrust the procedure to professionals. On you will find a list of the best companies that specialize in registering businesses in Kyiv and any other city in Ukraine.

    LLC registration procedure.

    Registration of companies in Ukraine has many nuances that are important to know. Professionals know about all these features, so the decision to open a company with the services of specialists will save time and effort. Let’s briefly consider the features of business registration in Ukraine.

    What company can be opened in Ukraine?

    The procedure for registration of organizations is regulated by the Law “On State Registration of Individual Entrepreneurs, Legal Entities and Public Associations”. According to this document, several forms of ownership of organizations are envisaged in Ukraine, including:

    • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
    • Private Joint Stock Company;
    • Public Joint Stock Company;
    • Private enterprise.

    Each organization has its own peculiarities of the institution, contribution of authorized capital, responsibilities of managers, etc. The most common form of ownership is Limited Liability Company (LLC). And here the founders are responsible only for the amount of authorized capital. In addition, it is easier to open a limited liability company than a company in another form of ownership.

    What you need to determine before you start registering.

    Before starting the company registration procedure, you need to identify a number of nuances. If you choose to open a company with the help of professionals, a specialist will help you decide at the stage of consultation. Before you can start a business, you need to provide the following information:

    • Name. It must be unique. The verification of the name of the organization is carried out by specialists who provide services in the institution of legal entities.
    • The amount of authorized capital. Authorized capital is mandatory for all enterprises. However, its size varies depending on the scope of the company.
    • Taxation system. In Ukraine, companies can operate under two systems – General (SSO) and Simplified (SSO). There are a number of restrictions on annual revenue, staffing, etc. for SSOs. Therefore, it is better to choose in advance which system will be best for your business.

    In addition, it is necessary to determine the legal address. If you do not have a legal address, the specialists of the company that provides business registration services will help you get it.

    What documents are required for registration?

    Registration of companies in Ukraine requires the preparation and submission of a package of documents. First of all, it is necessary to prepare an application form №1 (registration card). It indicates all the necessary information about the established legal entity, including:

    • company name;
    • the amount of authorized capital;
    • information about the members of the organization and the share of each of them;
    • Company contact information, etc.

    In addition to the registration card, you need to prepare a number of documents. Their list may vary depending on the form of ownership of the company you choose. Consider a package of documents required to open a limited liability company (LLC):

    • Minutes of the Constituent Assembly. Prior to registration, it is necessary to hold a meeting of founders in compliance with the requirements of the law, which decides on the establishment of a legal entity, the participation of founders, etc.
    • Constituent documents. The Company may provide a Memorandum of Association or Articles of Association. As a rule, organizations develop a Charter, which prescribes all the basic provisions for the operation of the company, the powers of the founders and so on. The document is submitted in one copy.
    • Information about the founders. Copies of the passports of each individual who will participate in the company must be provided. If the founders are legal entities, their constituent documents must be provided.

    In addition, you must submit receipts for all required registration fees.

    Registrars must review documents and make decisions. 30 days are allocated for this purpose. If all is well with the organization, the registrar is obliged to prepare and issue a state registration certificate. If any errors or omissions are found, the registrar must send a reasoned refusal. If the decision is illegal, it can be challenged in court.

    If the company has been issued a state registration certificate, registration must be completed by registration with the supervisory authorities. In particular, the company must be registered with the State Fiscal Service, the Pension Fund, as well as statistical bodies. If the type of activity requires licensing (for example, in the financial, construction, security fields), it is necessary to contact the relevant authorities and prepare a package of documents for the license.

    Why entrust the registration procedure to specialists?

    During self-registration, you may encounter a number of problems. Because of this, you may lose precious time. Cooperation with professionals allows you to carry out the procedure quickly and significantly speed up the start of business.

    In addition, registration with the help of professionals avoids errors, which leads to the need to re-complete the documents. Specialists will prepare everything necessary, will help to hold the constituent assembly in accordance with the procedure and requirements of the law. In addition, representatives of a specialized company will help control the legality of the registrar’s actions and challenge illegal decisions in court. website will help you find the best companies that provide legal entity registration services in Ukraine. To find such organizations, you only need to enter the name of the service in the search bar, and you will get the result. presents only reliable companies with a good reputation, which is guaranteed to help you solve any problems. In addition, thanks to, you can choose a company that provides services on favorable terms and in the shortest possible time, as well as compare organizations and choose the one that suits you best.

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