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Sales of companies in the Czech Republic

Buy a company in the Czech Republic on Poshuk.info is:

  • Selection of the appropriate finished company (LLC, PE, JSC, etc.).
  • Get favorable terms from the owner.
  • Direct contact with the owners of ready-made companies in the Czech Republic.
  • Legal support of the company’s purchase and sale.

Apply and get professional advice and offers to buy a company in the Czech Republic.

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    It is quick and convenient to buy a ready-made company in the Czech Republic.

    Do business in the Czech Republic tomorrow by buying a company without history and obligations.

    Are you going to start a business in the Czech Republic? Buying a ready-made company in the Czech Republic will save you a lot of time on administration in the first place. Creating a company is a long process in which you can easily make a mistake if you do not know the Czech law.

    The easiest option is to buy a ready-made company in the Czech Republic. This company will already be registered in the Commercial Register and, first of all, has already paid up the authorized capital. Ready-made companies were created for sale, and therefore did not carry out any commercial activities.

    Ready-made companies meet the conditions stipulated by the legislation of the Czech Republic and have no obligations, their purchase is also beneficial to the possibility of obtaining a subsidy or bank loan.

    Ready-made companies in the Czech Republic for you.

    Ready-made companies in the Czech Republic, which are presented on our website, are already registered in the commercial register, so you can quickly start using them. This eliminates delays and worries related to their registration and completion of the necessary formalities. You just buy a ready-made company and can start a business with it tomorrow. The biggest advantage is saving time and avoiding complications that may arise when creating a company “on their own”. We understand that time is money. That is why we offer you pre-prepared companies.

    Ready-made companies are not used and have not been used for anything other than further transfer to you entrepreneur. This is their only goal, to serve your business.

    None of our ready-made companies have ever been in business. They are only registered and have their own identification number. The history is clear, no business activities of the company were conducted, so they do not appear in the accounting. Companies do not have debts, we fully guarantee it.

    The ready-made companies we offer are sold exclusively to end customers. These companies have no liabilities or receivables, and their share capital is fully paid. Our ready-made companies are legally based in Prague. You can, of course, change the place during re-registration.

    • You can become a business owner in the Czech Republic in just 1 working day. You don’t have to wait long to start your business.
    • Large selection of companies. S.r.o., a.s., old or new, VAT payers and non-payers.
    • All the preparation for buying a company is done online, saving you time and money on travel.
    • Our legal partners will be happy to advise you on accounting and ensure the security of doing business in the Czech Republic.