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    Sale of ready-made financial companies in Ukraine.

    When starting their own business, people often think about which field to choose. And indeed, there are many options, each of which is beautiful in its own way. But what activities will be in demand at all times? Of course, financial. The population uses financial services regularly. Therefore, the profit of such legal entities, with the right organization, can be very good. In addition, many financial companies specialize in business services where income can be even higher. This industry in Ukraine is moderately developed, so there are points to enter any niche.

    However, self-registration of a financial company is a long and difficult process. First of all, this is due to the need to obtain a license from the National Bank, the National Commission for Financial Services (NCFS) or the National Commission for Securities and Stock Markets (NCSSM). Therefore, it is much easier to buy a ready-made financial company in Kiev or another city in Ukraine. search service will help you choose a company that sells financial companies operating in the desired industry and meeting any customer requirements.

    Types of financial companies.

    Current legislation provides for a large number of financial companies that provide various services to individuals or businesses. In addition, you can buy a ready-made financial company with a license that provides several activities. The following types of legal entities are sold in Ukraine:

    • Factoring companies. Factoring is an area of ​​activity that involves the redemption by a legal entity of debts of other enterprises with subsequent recovery. Enterprises buy out debts for a certain percentage of the total amount, usually not more than 50%, and profits are achieved by collecting funds;
    • Leasing organizations. Leasing – lease of property with the right of redemption. Profits are made by renting equipment, production lines, real estate or any other leased object. Such lease agreements are fixed-term, and upon their expiration the lessee may repurchase the property or return it to the lessor;
    • Asset Management Companies (AMCs) are legal entities that, under the license of the NSSMC, can carry out investment activities and increase the assets of individuals or legal entities. AMC invests borrowed funds and pays profits to investors.
    • Mutual investment fund (MIF) – a set of assets of individuals or legal entities, which is managed by AMC. Mutual funds are invested in various assets: precious metals, securities, deposits with financial institutions, etc., and the profits are distributed among investors according to their shares. The sale of financial companies registered as mutual funds is carried out before the agreement with the AMC or without it, provided that the client enters into it independently.
    • Corporate Investment Fund (CIF). It also carries out investment activities, but unlike a mutual investment fund, can be an independent company and is registered in the form of a joint stock company. CIF carries out activities to invest and increase borrowed funds before the expiration of the contract with investors. After the contract expires, the CIF sells all assets and is liquidated.
    • Pawnshop. Organizations of this type specialize in issuing collateral loans. In case of default of the borrower in time, the mortgaged property becomes the property of the organization. The income of pawnshops is achieved both through interest on loans and from the sale of assets. Mortgages can range from small appliances and jewelry to cars.
    • Insurance companies – legal entities that insure the life and property of individuals, businesses, etc. The activity of insurance operators is carried out on the basis of a license of the National Bank of Ukraine;
    • Credit unions. Specialize in lending to individuals and organizations. The activity of such companies is possible only after obtaining a license from Natskomfinposlug, as well as when entering a legal entity in the Unified Register of Financial Institutions.

    You can buy a financial company that works in any of these areas. If you are planning to buy an organization, you need to know about the features of its redesign.

    How to buy a financial company?

    The sale of a financial company requires its re-registration. First you need to decide what kind of organization you need. It is not only about the field of activity, but also about history. For example, you can buy a new financial company or a legal entity with a history. When choosing a legal entity that has already operated, it is important to check its reputation. If it is good – then the company can be bought.

    Next, the seller and the buyer agree on the specifics of the transaction. It is necessary to indicate the data of the future owner and his share in the company. The need to coordinate the acquisition of a substantial interest may depend on these factors, as well as on the scope of the organization. Coordination takes place in the representation of the body that issued the license (NBU, NSSMC, Natskomfinposlug, etc.).

    After obtaining the consent of the supervisory authorities, it is possible to conduct a transaction of purchase of corporate rights of a legal entity by concluding a contract of sale. Next, you need to contact the state registrar’s office and notify him of the sale and make changes to the registers. After that, you become a full owner of a financial company, and can operate without the need for licenses, registration of a new legal entity and other formalities.

    Where to buy a financial company?

    Selling financial companies is a profitable business, so you can find them in many companies. However, the conditions under which sales are made can vary greatly. First of all it is a question of the prices. The cost of firms from different sellers can vary significantly. In addition, financial companies themselves are different. You can find organizations with a license for a particular activity, with different authorized capital and other features. Finding the right conditions can take a long time.

    Save time with the legal service search service. All you have to do is enter the name of the service in the search bar, after which you will receive a list of companies that sell to a financial company. With you will find companies with licenses for various activities. Our search service will offer you a large number of sellers with different conditions, among which you can choose the most suitable option for you. is the widest selection of companies for people who want to buy their own financial company.

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    * – by submitting a request on the website, it will be received by all verified owners of financial companies who have subscribed to this category of services, so you can get the most information from different owners and choose the best conditions.